Reading comics

I haven’t read any books in a long while now, years maybe. So I had a look at a few that might peak my interest back into what has been happening since I last read one. I even went back and reread some of the old ones I used to own and it made realise how cool the stories used to be. At the moment though I starting to read Spider-Man: Reign which is a very … Unusual one. It’s been said it was one of the worst story lines ever written because of the plot. I won’t go to deep into it but so far seeing Peter Parker as a old man not been Spidey again makes a change. Most of the time in the comic book world we never really see them age very much. While it is only four issues long, I’m hoping it does come with a decent ending and enough for me to feel for him. Apart from Reign I’ll be heading back to the Ultimate Universe Marvel created. Last time I was reading it there was a huge crisis going on that involved everyone to stand together. I then started thinking why did I stop buying comics? The price of some of them is a bit too steep now and I won’t deny, most of the time it annoyed me when you had to multiple issues of different comics to understand what’s going on. Sigh for now I’ll carry on borrowing my friends books now and then. If anyone has any good suggestions on which one I should read next, please let me know!

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