Interview rage

I feel like I got a little rant to let out guys and it’s about yesterday. One of the worst interviews I went for yesterday. So I had a job interview yesterday with an agency which was a complete total joke. So I’m looking for the address of this and get there about 10 minutes late. I accidentally walked passed the place because it looked like a mini cab firm. Place looks completely rundown and still as bad as when I last went there. I walk in and have to wait a couple of minutes until this guy finally ask can I help? I said to him are you Joe? He said yes. Cool I’m here for the interview and tell him my name. Now to perfectly be honestly with you the way this guy looks like this guy!


The person in the picture is called Babyface from Batman and is the best example of what he looks like. A man with a face so small in a suit to big for him. Anyway I sit down and he ask for my C.V which I hand to him. Keep in mind he has a copy of it on his computer which was e-mailed to him. Couple of minutes later he ask me do you have a copy of your C.V? I cliched my fist tight and try to rage at him and say you got a copy in your hand. “Right right right …” He takes a look at it and then goes back to his computer screen. I told him from a earlier converstaion that I came here a year ago and he said to me he should still have it. So I’m waiting and carry on waiting and then out of the speakers I hear “You pass GO! Collect 200!” I’m now looking at him thinking what the fuck are you doing?! My eyes are now burning with fury and I make it clear I’m take a deep breath as he looks at me nervously. He gets off his lazy ass at last and goes look for the file. In total I spend half hour there just to be told he has lost my file with all my details. Details that contain my full home address, my home and mobile number, a copy of my passport and my Enhanced CRB (Criminal Records Bureau). I’m now holding my head down and ready to lose it. In total I spend half hour for him trying to look for this file and yet no action done. Even still he ready to setup a new file but does need me to pay £65 for a new CRB. Am I gonna go for it? No. Did I feel like giving a lecture on how he should handle a interview? Ya damn right I do! I wanted to give him a K.O for playing Monopoly right in front of me instead of doing his damn job! Like what next you gonna go do next go on Facebook and start playing Candy Crush? Trust me I was ready to make Mortal Kombat a reality and perform a fatality for the face of how it went. Either way hope you all have a good weekend!


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