Jack (Lyrics)

Deep inside my soul is crying out for you to be here by my side. But I know that you are nowhere near me and it hurts me even more. I keep on asking in tears why you had to pass away. I just wish I could do something to make it possible for you to be here. Walking past your room the one that we made sets me off each time. I imagine you running around, playing in here, and me cleaning up your mess.

Somebody tell me why they had to take my child away. All I ever wanted was for my little boy to be here. Was it something I did that justifies the price of taking his life away from me? Someone tell me.

People come by to try and comfort me but deep down I just want to be left alone. I feel so lost and alone that I don’t know what to do.

No matter where I look I just can’t let go of the fact that you’re not here. Everyone wants to help but they can’t take the pain away.

I’m crying out my heart out to you God. I don’t understand why you took him. You know that I would of loved him the best way … A mother knows … How to.

My boyfriend is hugging me tight, doing the best that he can. I know deep inside that he won’t let me fall apart. As we say goodbye … to our son. We miss you dearly. Our baby boy.

In memory of Jack who died on the 8/3/14 (My God son)



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