We The People

Hey world how are you? I like to first opening this post by saying congrats to Lynette Noni! She is someone who has recently signed a book deal and I’m looking forward to seeing her work! She does have her own Blog as well which you can follow as well : http://lynettenoni.wordpress.com/

Never really done it before but might try and ask if I can do a interview type question somehow! Of course I would want to make sure it’s okay with her as well! Another person I was reading about is Lesley Carter! Again another person who has her own Blog at : http://bucketlistpublications.org/. The pictures I seen are really amazing and makes you want to go visit these places! Although I do love the fact that she made it a New Year’s Resolution to divorce her phone!

This made me think a bit more about things to be honest. I mean how many of us now use social media sites like Facebook for example? The internet is very scary when you think how much we rely on it now. With things like Whatsapp, Skype and Facebook, we use these things more than we may realise.

True I escape the grasp of Facebook now but I still get some of my friends saying to me you should come back on there and read about my life. :/ As it weird as it sounds I use the Blog to write about what I do with my life most of the time and it is public I’ll admit. But then I’m also thinking how much should we reveal to each other?

Let’s say we go back twenty years in time and someone said to you, we’re gonna build a website that you can talk about anything you want and the world can see it! You think these people are crazy and no way would we do it! But now we don’t really blink a eye to it.

I did ask my friend do you ever feel scared letting the world know what you are doing with your life? As in saying what you do every ten minutes? She paused and answered I never really thought of it like that but I guess it’s okay for people to know.

I said it before once and I’ll say it again. The most scary thing about technology right now is how advance it’s become in such a short period of time. Anyone remember the Mini Disc? Or even going more retro, LP’s and cassette tape! VHS and even the BMX got taken over by VCD and DVD, but now we got Blu Ray and digital content. We also have a new disc format coming out called Archival Disc.

For me there is nothing better than holding a psychical item which is pretty why I got so much CD’s and 360 games. (Yeah way too many games!) In years to come though, how long will it be until children no longer know what a colouring in book is? Or even having text books? Tablets used in class will more than likely replace all of it. It’s scary I’ll admit it but all we can do is just sit back and watch.

When I was younger I remember been told that cars would fly in the sky or even worst that we wouldn’t have food any more. We would have a tablet instead and that would be what would full us up. Speaking of retro, does anyone remember Tamagotchi? Such a huge craze for them and even the robot pets like my Mum owning one called Tex the dog. I do remember seeing adverts saying pets are not just for Xmas which is true. Having said that I love my cats!

Time for me to get ready for the 1st meeting of the week and also for me to make some cookies. Tomorrow will be the final lesson of Peer Support and then our six week exams begins. Wednesday will also be the final lesson for the Peace course I go to meaning I passed twice now. Busy week ahead but still hope you enjoyed the read and enjoy the rest of your week!

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