Forgive and forget

It’s been a mixed week for me. And a few of my friends have said I been kinda silent but I have my reasons. As you know it was the end of the Peer Support course, so now comes the exams I got to do. But apart from that I been keeping silent about my worry for my cousin in Canada. All I know is she has a really bad infection and we are all praying she is going to be okay. Other things in my life are bugging me as well but it’s stuff I have no control over. And I think that’s the main problem is that not having control of your life … Well it’s horrible feeling. Either way I’m looking forward to meeting up with my friend tomorrow and walking around Camden Town. I need to keep my mind focused on something else than what’s going on right now. Anyway peeps enjoy the weekend and let’s hope this year gets better because so far it’s been pretty crap.

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