Paper work

I gotta be real everyone, yesterday was so awesome that not even the music can describe it! It was just really good and also I like to say a very big thank you to Miss Fern (Waves at her) for helping me out! Anyway today is Mother’s Day over here in the UK and to be honest I’m always stuck to not knowing what to get mum. So yeah this year I got her something small but hopefully something she will wear! I’m glad me and Dynamite went out yesterday to meet up! Knowing that you can make someone smile is such an amazing feeling that you can’t describe! That’s why I’m pushing hard to be a Peer Supporter because I want to make people smile and feel good again! Only problem is I got a lot of paper work to go through today as in forms to fill out! I been putting them off for a bit too long but it needs to be done now just so I know it’s done and out the way!

Like to just add if you feel the need to read a rant check this blog out :
And for some real talk? This one :

Enjoy the rest of your day!


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