When I feel low at times, I turn to Trinity but now it seems I won’t be able to do it much longer. D told me earlier this year when I came back that she was pregnant and I’m happy for her. Of course Kodoku is jumping over the moon right now knowing he will be a dad. Which leaves Träumend, D’s brother who has been house hunting for the 3 of them. So why do I feel so sad then? I guess it’s because I can see the dawn of the new era finally happening. The chance for them to say goodbye to the painful memories at long last. But it’s the fact that they said that this is goodbye from them that hit me the hardest. After everything we done for each other, I just didn’t want to let go of them. And now I don’t have a choice in the matter. I think because I can’t say goodbye to them in person is the part that’s really eating me up. I have to again respect someone’s else wishes and if it means living a happier life, then I’m happy for them. So tonight … I’ll raise that bottle high as I can and think of them with a smile. Good luck Trinity and thank you for all you done for me! I love you with all my heart for what you done for me!!!


In the end (Alternative version)

Originally I wrote it for someone but they wanted me to change it up. This is the version they now want to use!

Things I want to say but I can’t because I’m scared to say them.
Even though you’re here with me now, you feel so far away.
Is this something that I should just simply ignore?
Should I let out my tears and let them drop?
While you’re still here right now can I hold you tight?

I just want you here …
I just want you here …
By my side …

The smell of your perfume remains in my room,
And makes me fall back in to a dreamlike state.
I don’t want to wake up from it but I know I have to.
Another day will come and I know I’ll see you again.
Looking at your picture and remember your smile…

I just want you here …
By my side …

The tears that I cry may never dry
but I won’t deny that
I wish you were here
to wipe them away.
Trying to smile yet it’s harder each day.

No matter what it takes you know
I’ll do anything to protect your smile
Just give me that chance to make you smile again
Let me show you why you mean the world to me
You know deep inside that I was born to meet you
So I’m begging you please to allow me back in your arms