Deep breathe …

Sigh so we got this new tree house for the cats to play in and the thing is pretty big. I was thinking that this shouldn’t be too hard to setup at all… How wrong I was because world … The instuction sheet (yes just one sheet) is just plain unhelpful! Have a look for yourself:


*Ticking noise* … *Bing* *Screams* Seriously?! That’s it?! Start from number 1 and carry on from there?! Where is the rest of it?! So at this moment it’s not complete and I’m going to ask for some help to set it up. But honestly though, why is it that they do such stupid things like this? Ikea is another one that does it like this as well and it’s not always clear how things work out at all! Hopefully it will be done by tonight anyway so I don’t have to look at it hogging my middle space in my room!


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