You cannot be serious!!!

Normally I would wait until the next day but this afternoon Dad did something that made me facepalm so hard I almost lost it. I knew he was coming since he said he was going to help out with the Cat tree (which is now up!) and he said he has trouble with him. In comes this lady who I never meet before and I’m looking at him as to say WTF? She doesn’t even introduce herself but walks around my house as if she owns the place. Dad asked where are the cats and I said they are around in the living room and then finally the lady leaves. I’m looking at Dad and said to him who was that? And his reply was … I thought you knew her.


So I walk into the bathroom and take a deep breathe. And I address him by saying, you didn’t even know this person and you let her walk around in my yard?!?!?! I’m telling you peeps … Sometimes I don’t know what to say to my Dad but God help us… That was one of the most STUPIDEST things his done of late! Anyway here’s a picture of the Cat tree all done up.

2014-04-03 19.32.23


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