Mental health : Is it taboo?

Morning world and how you doing today? Today I’m going to be ranting about the mental health system in the UK and how unhappy I am with it. Also I’ll be talking a little bit about the budget cuts that we have as well! So the other day I went to a meeting about how some people felt how they were treated and the impact it had on them. I’ll be honest it was pretty eye opening hearing how many turned up and voicing their options on the matter. For example one of the guys was extremely pissed off and was basically shouting about the building they used got shut down. Even the answer was been given to her, she still didn’t respect it at all and kept on pushing for the answer she wanted. Truth of the matter was that they never owned the building so they couldn’t say it was the companies building so when the government wanted it back, they had to do it. Thankfully someone else said it in an polite way and this help her calm down. Sure enough these guys want a building they can call their own and not have to worry about renting it out or anything like that. But it’s down to the same old problem which is budget and that’s really the problem right there. See the NHS makes a lot of cuts but it’s more now on the mental health side of things than anywhere else which is a big problem. In most work places speaking about your mental health is taboo and can be a very scary subject for some due to them not wanting to lose their job. In fact a lot of people are scared bring up the subject because they worry that they may get bullied for talking about such a thing when really they shouldn’t. Few years back on television this advert was shown

But now we don’t see anything like this again and it’s seems the push for people talking about it has been pulled all the way back. Some of us in England may remember another system that seemed to of disappeared out of nowhere and it was called Learndirect. What happened to that as well? Same old story again, the budget meant that they had to be closed down and was not heard again. But again this was a chance for people to go back and get the grades they needed without paying the earth. The struggle seems to continue in life with things like this. You can’t have too much of a good thing or something like that or more take advantage of it while you still can.

Couple of years ago now, a friend I used to know had a mental breakdown and I used to talk to him a lot. The end result was him going in getting help but we soon lost contact with each other which was a shame. At times I still think how he is doing now but again with no way to get in contact with him, it’s hard to know. From my own experience on the mental health system I know how unhelpful it has been. I still suffer from good days and bad days and yeah sometimes even I feel like I need to reflect on everything before I cry myself to sleep. The point I’m making is, we shouldn’t be scared to discuss these things. True we may end up been targeted and may face been bullied by it but how do we know unless we try? The truth of the matter is that we are in fear of what others think instead of what we think ourselves. If you do suffer from any kind of mental health, go talk to your GP and get the advice that you need. Even when filling out a form where it ask if you suffer from a disability, don’t be scared not to tick it and state your mental illness. Be proud of who you are because who you are, is one of the very strongest people out there.

Enjoy the week ahead whatever you are doing!


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