Sometimes life makes us do crazy things or makes us realise who we are. I guess for me of late I learnt a lot more of myself without knowing it. I sat down with Miss L who is also trying to finish up the assignments for the Peer Support course and we both doing really well. I guess the most surprising thing for me was that we had a class of 20 people and yet it’s only us two who turned up to get help done. Not that it changes anything but we got each others back which is the main thing. Recently my emotions though have been all over the place and in quite a bad way. Saturday was the 10th anniversary of losing my daughter but I didn’t cry this time and I guess it goes back to that line … Time is a healer. Sometimes we expect it to be instant but it can’t be because we need to accept what’s going on around us. I accepted the lost of her and over the years feel more open about talking about that pain. But I think it’s what one of the tutors said to me today: You got a lot of energy in you and you express it in a positive way. Really? Have I? I mean it’s cool hearing it but I never realised it. I gotta admit it put a smile on my face and made me think about it. I’m going to do a bit more on the assignments and then head to bed… It’s killing me now even though I reached the minimal that I had to do!


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