Been silent and another death

It’s been quite a weird week for me with the start being good then turning bad at the end. I wrote a few new lyrics which I’ll post in the future but I think it’s just my emotions playing with me again. In total I’m feeling low because mum has now asked me to stay silent on a few matters that I can’t even talk about. Put it this way, I just feel like I’m once again been treated as a child about what I should say around people. Sigh but either way I hate lying to family as well because at the end of the day they want to know if we are okay. As much as I wish we were … We ain’t but I can’t talk about it. Either way I had unexpected news again with another family member passing away on Wednesday yet only been told not too long ago. Turns out my cousin’s husband passed away but I’m not sure if I had the chance of meeting him while I was in Jamaica or not. Either way a lost is a lost and this is still sad news to hear that happen. It’s turning into what I said it sounded like… A death every month which is not something that I’m happy to hear about nor expect it. I guess this is why my emotions are a bit all over the place but hopefully I’ll be able to clear my head a bit more in the morning.

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