Hey everyone how you all doing? It’s Monday and time for another rant! So today I’m gonna rant about something unusual and that is … Trust.

How many of us have lost trust in some of friends that we known for so long? Has it ruined your friendship or even made matters worst between yourself and family members? Sometimes we take it for granted when someone tells us stuff but it’s mainly because of the bond we have. In this case my issue is the trust between myself and a few friends that I known for years. As you know Trinity have gone and moved elsewhere while changing the mobile number they had. It’s a sad case and I guess they made the decision on what they believed was best for everyone. I trusted them with my life and I’m guessing it the same for them as well after all we been through. The fact is they showed me so many things that I didn’t realise about myself like weird habits or even stuff I blocked out.

The truth of the matter is sometimes we can easily place our trust into some people and they can use it against us. In this case I’m going to talk about a time where personal information was talked about in public. As you know working in a care home can be hard work and it’s normally on the news of how badly people are handled. So think of this, one of the care workers was saying to his friends at work how one of the residents fell off the toilet and made a mess on the floor. He made a joke about it but little did he know that right by him was the family of this resident. For my own experience of working in a care home I know how lonely the residents feel. And to be honest its easy to become friends with most of them.

It’s not all the time family come by and talk to you but instead someone who is there to nurse you instead. I made a few friends while I was doing it and one sadly passed away while I was working the next day. They always say don’t get attached but it’s very hard to do that because it’s just human nature. Have I lost the trust of a friend before? Sure because I was against them lying to people who they claimed they love. That’s another one there… Relationships are build on trust and knowing someone has your back is the main thing.

For me personally I don’t really go for looks but more of the persons personality than anything else. At the end of the day, someone could look amazing but ask them a simply question and you realise how empty they are. And trust me I realised that now as I got older (especially that girl Jada from Jamaica).

Anyway that’s all for now but enjoy the rest of your week world!

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