The problems we face

As of this week it’s been pretty difficult with what’s been going on in my personal life. As much as I like to talk about it I’m confide to do it due to the after effects. Its true what they say though, you can choose your friends but not your family which is the problem right now. Having said that I still waiting for a couple of people to get back to me about my written piece for my assignments. I’m hoping all in all they warrant enough to make me pass and leave me to worry about the performing arts one so I can pass that as well. With in mind I do have a job interview to go to next week as well for a role in the hospital. I’m pretty much ready for it but my mind is a little elsewhere with how things are. Sometimes I wish things were simple and that I don’t have to worry about lasting effect but right now it seems to hang around like a bad smell. Tomorrow is Good Friday already so I’m hoping I can get a few new tops on sale and maybe even get a few more chapters done in the book. I been silent on it for a while but I’m still working on it now and then. Either way hope you all have a good Easter holiday and enjoy it!


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