Single Parents

Hey world how are you doing? Today I wanna talk about single parents. Sometimes it’s hard to get the correct support to become one or even find someone to accept you as one. A lot of the times we think that things will work out in the end but how far until we need the help we really need? Who can say but then some people are strong and can cope better than others. I’m not going to say the person’s name but they really pissed me off with how she behavioured. Drinking around minors to me is something that shouldn’t be done especially first thing in the morning either. Let’s be real now, if you as a parent are drunk and you have to look after your child, is this the way to go? No not at all. But in fact both of them as a couple who were both single parents did this and I never felt so angry in my life hearing them say it’s fine. No it’s not. You need to get yourself cleaned up and look after your child. Seriously do you want your child taken away from you because if you do carry on.

It’s people like this that gives parents a bad name. Over here in the UK, some girls take advantaged of this by becoming pregnant which would allow them their own place. It’s not the correct way things should be done but the amount of benefits you can gain for been one is pretty high. Before the rule changed though, people from aboard who came over here and was pregnant wouldn’t have to pay. Now the rules have changed and you have to pay the full bill which in a way angers a lot of people. Reason is because again as a single parent you was offered so much benefits. Being a parent is no easy job at all and should be taken for granted either since it can mean sleepless nights and a lot of stress. But the great thing about being a parent is been able to share those first moments like when they giggle or smile at you. Even taking their first step or further more been able to stand up by themselves. The first ten years are meant to be the hardest times due to you helping your child out in every way.

I remember reading about a parent who was a young teenager who killed her own baby due to him crying while she was playing Farmville. Stupid huh? Here’s that report of it :

Now look at her face and tell me what do you see? To me I see a mum who couldn’t care less about anything but then you may see something different. As it says she killed the baby because it interrupted her playing a simple game like Farmville. This is just insane and to be honest very sick to hear. Still she is serving time and hopefully she will learn her lesson for doing such a horrible act of violence. Sometimes when I walk down the street though, I always do wonder why is it that you always see a woman looking after the baby? But then I think to myself maybe the Dad is the one who is working hard while she looks after the new born. To be honest we don’t and can only think what can be the case in these things. Another point I want to raise is how hard it can be single Dad’s. Back in the day it was a case of them not having much luck on their side which is unfortunate. Things may not be that much better but we now have more of a system to support them. For myself I wish I could become a dad again but will the chance happen again? I dunno because to be honest with you, the scars of losing Maria still haunts me to this day. My hat goes off to anyone who is a single parent and been able to keep going through the trials and tribulations you face in your every day life. It’s in no way a easy task but no matter how hard it is, give yourself a pat on the back and say… I did it.

Till next time enjoy the rest of your week!


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