Stress and more stress

So this week I have a job interview on Thursday for the hospital. I’m okay with interviews nowadays and not so nervous but sometimes it a case of me not finding the right job for me. See right now I have to balance out been a carer for mum and also trying to find a way to keep money coming in at the same time. Since mum illness isn’t long term I can’t claim carer’s allowance nor can I find someone who mum will be happy to look after her. Catch 22 I guess but then that’s life all the same. So what do I plan to do? Sit back and have a long think about all of this and try find a answer to all of this. Today wasn’t really a great day for me either with the fact that once again no one turned up for the course training facility. I’m getting more and more annoyed by it and next week is the performing arts assignment so I need to get this out the way. Truth is I can I may have to ask one of the tutors or someone who is free to work on it with me. Having said that I did get a text from one of the tutors if they want to practice tomorrow on it so will take her up on it. Sigh as well as that I’m now taking a few things to the back seat such as a few personal projects I wanted to start. Doesn’t effect me writing the book in any way and so far I just clocked in 100 pages at long last. I can’t believe how long it’s taken me but I gotta say I’m glad I’m not rushing it and making mistakes though. Saying that I still need to find someone who will proof read it which is taking longer than I wanted. Sigh it’s annoying how the two people who said they would have now just not bothered do it any more but still the hunt continues.


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