Cancelled TV shows we miss

Evening world how you doing? Today’s rant is about a major problem we all face and that’s shows been cancelled. How many shows you watched hoping that the next season would of got the green light but never did? For me I got quite a handful of what I wished would of stayed. For example : V, Lie to me, Invader Zim, The Wire and even Murder One to name but a few. When V first got announced as been remade it had me on the edge of my seat especially after season two cliffhanger ending. And what happened? Cancelled. Same can be said for some people with Firefly with it ending so fast. Never sat down to watch it yet but I plan to someday with the movie that came out.

Sometimes I wonder if ratings are really to blame at times though because if the cry for more of the series from the fans is there, give it to them I say. Good example is The Wire. The first season didn’t do too well in the ratings however the DVD sales was really strong and allowed it to run for five seasons in total. Murder One is a show that a lot of people like myself can say was ahead of it’s time. I’m re-watching it now and cannot believe how good a show it is! Show like this is something I really hope gets bring back to life at some point.

Recently Amazon, Netflix and even Microsoft are making shows that are going to be making original new programs but what if they can bring back some of these classics? We can only hope it ever happens but who’s to say it can’t?

Zombieland: The Series only got to a Pilot episode before it was dropped by Amazon Studios. A lot of people said how bad it was but I can’t pass judgement on it myself since I never saw it. Another show that only had a Pilot episode is Birds of Prey from the DC Comics. Unfortunately this was just bad and yeah deserved the axe if you ask me. But hey that’s just my view on the matter and maybe you guys see it differently!

For now I can only hope shows like Suits, True Detective and Black Sails have another season to keep the story going. Till next time!


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