Another job?!

And just like that I been offered another role in a different field! This is insane! Two jobs in two weeks! So what is this new one? Well it’s me helping out as a volunteer so will be really cool doing it! Apart from that I just went for my exam which was where I was filmed and have to act out the role of a Peer Supporter. I dunno how I did on it because I felt nervous and the truth is I didn’t get the right feel for it if you understand that? Like the chemistry between me and the person there who was doing the filming didn’t feel right. I guess because she was there from early this morning and no one turned up it was maybe a little shock for me. Still it’s true though, ten minutes can just fly by without you noticing it! The minimum you have to do is ten minutes and maximum is 20 minutes. Either way I’m going to request to re do it and work with someone else. I’m hoping El can also pass the exam because she is someone who had this amazing way of speaking. It was like she born to teach people so hopeful she will be able to run a class herself maybe. Anyway I need to get ready for my second meeting and arrange things for both myself and mum. It’s definitely looking like the year of Rebuild!


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