Ranting: Lies

Hello world and how you doing today? Over here in the UK it’s bank holiday Monday so near enough, everything is either shut or closing earlier than normal. Today rant is about lies. Sure enough we all lied once in our life time but it’s how far some people can take a lie. I try to avoid lying because doing so means you have to remember your cover up story which you made up on the spot itself. However we do face people who will simply lie to us over whatever reason itself.

I remember when I was back at secondary school where one of my friends said to me he was off to Jamaica for the school holidays. I believed him and asked him to get me a keyring while his out there. He was pretty embarrassed when I saw him coming out the shop I was walking into. Some of you may remember me telling you about Kim who sent me a text message and the phone call we had that made it sound like she was dying. Once again seeing her walk the streets with her been fine made her feel embarrassed and she started running away. I’ll admit I was pissed off for sure but I didn’t do anything expect lock eyes with her.

But not always is lying bad since it can be a case of protection for various reasons. Good example of this is when mum was acting like everything was fine while using a brave face to hide the pain in her. Sometimes people do that but the end result is that you’re more likely to hurt them more instead. It’s pointing back to that one word we sometimes take advantage of and that word is trust. The people that we care about the most is the ones we will hurt the most by either lying to them or them losing their faith in us.

With a show like Lie to me, it showed different ways of how people lie. For example, in one of the episodes a guy selling hot food would rub his neck when he lied. I guess TV CAN teach you some stuff! But it’s interesting to see such a thing like that and take it for granted that we ourselves don’t know we do it. Like I said people lie about various things for whatever reason it is. Sometimes we will never know the true meaning behind any of it or we given up because we passed caring.

Well that’s it for today but enjoy the rest of your week! Remember Fine Tuning347 will be holding two new interviews on Thursday and Friday! Enjoy!


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