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Wait what? Loading… Please wait? But Pepz you not done one since last year, why now? Because I’m pissed off with the same old argument been used! So we are now coming close to the 2nd year of the next gen consoles at E3 but what has it showed you? Has it made you think that’s it definitely next gen? To me no it hasn’t! All it’s showed me is the same thing the 360 and PS3 can do but just make it more shiny! I gotta say it’s not been a good start for Microsoft with them having to do a complete 180 on everything they said. But even now it’s become a case where they again listened to the public and said yes we will do a XB1 without the Kinect. It’s not been a good time for them and I do feel bad for them having to go through all of this just to get fan support. True the PS4 is still outselling it but when XB1 finally gets to launch in the other countries, will sales change? Who knows. But that’s not my point right now, my point is this. Why is it still a case that generation STILL can’t get games to run 1080p at 60FPS? It’s become such a massive thing between fanboys that even when games go multi platform, they already saying PS4 will run at 1080p. But recently it was announced that Watch_Dogs won’t be running 1080p this time round on either PS4 or XB1. Instead it’s 900p PS4 and XB1 having it run at 792p but here’s the kicker that really does rub it in, the post from Alienware from their Facebook account.

Of course this is gonna lead into more heated discussion with a lot more people. Some PC gamers will always go on to say that it’s the superior race and consoles are for children. Unfortunately I don’t tend to agree with that statement because at the end of the day, I can’t afford to upgrading my PC every month with new graphics card and whatever else! For me the PC sure can run games on it but I use it more for using my blogs, writing my book now and then or to watch some shows. But in total I don’t really use it for gaming at all and I never really have looked at it for that. Truth be told I disappointed in the whole next gen consoles that have come out because, it’s back to the point of running things at 1080p without trouble. It’s going to be one of those topics that will carry on throughout the consoles life. You know as well as I do, that every time a new game studio says about the specs, people are going to go on about what the frame rate will be. It’s not going to die down and it will be a factor for some people. I gotta admit though, looking at them side by side you won’t notice the difference but to some people it’s the fact of the other one running at full power. Each console has their own strengths and weakness, same as the PC does. Whichever way we look at it, people are going to keep go with whatever one they feel happy with. So why haven’t I got any of these next gen consoles yet? Well to be honest, nothing interest me out of either of them and that includes the Wii U.

Sure Mario Kart 8 looks good but I’m not going to be throwing down money for a new console for one game. It don’t make no sense to me and I rather know I’ll have an handful of games I can pick and play. As I said before, I’m happy with my 360 and with the amount of games I got, I’m in no rush to buy anything new. Although that new Aliens game does look good but again I’m gonna wait a bit and see what it’s like. I already been burnt by that last one which was piss poor! Still I can’t deny there are some games that do look good and it’s make me even more happier knowing I don’t have to folk out money for a new console to play them! Maybe at E3 everyone will show their big guns and it could change my mind but to be honest it’s highly doubtful right now. Until next time!

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