Today I been asked to be filmed and speak about my views on mental health with how it effects my day to day life. I agreed to it because as I said before we are pretty silent about things like this or we just don’t speak up about it. I’m glad to be part of something like this and to be honest I do hope it does reach out to people even if it is to a small audience! Hopefully the weather will be okay today because recently it has been pretty random. For example on Saturday I saw a few dark clouds and didn’t anything of it. Soon as I got half way down the road it started to pour down like someone just put a shower on max! Of course it’s cousins Thunder and Lighting wasn’t too far behind either! I don’t mind it to be honest and I do feel really good when it does rain but not stupidly heavy rain! That’s just a bit too much for me because sometimes I feel like I can’t breathe. Either way I’m still busy as hell with the interviews coming in thick and fast! It’s really cool seeing how it is coming in like this and I enjoy it so much more than normal now! I don’t class it as a job but more something really fun like a hobby. When you look at life like that it feels so much better I guess. Even still I do worry about another friend of mine called Chris who recently lost his sister in a car accident. It’s not easy and as I always told him I’m always here if you need me. I should try get in contact with his friend as well who also suffers from depression and see how he copes. Well I better get ready to go and start my day! Enjoy it the best way you can and don’t waste a minute of it!

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