Release (Lyrics)

Everyday we would watch you struggle,
Without wanting no help at all.
No matter what, you always tell us,
The same thing that you can do it alone.

So many times I wanted to help.
But when I did you would shout at me.
It’s always the same response from you though.
I don’t need you so leave me alone!

Can’t you see the pain it brings when I see you in this way?
I wish that I could do more to help you on your way.
But you still shut me out telling me how strong you are,
Yet all I could see from you is the tears building in yours eyes.

We used to to say that the world will hate us.
because what we will just say what we think.
But even still, no one can take away the pain
That you feel, inside your hearts.

Tell me why, once again,
Am I alone without you now?
Was the pain too much, that
I couldn’t see it then?
Are you now feeling free,
Now that all the pain has gone?
Or does it haunt you still to this day …?

Let out the tears you want to cry.
Don’t feel ashamed of who you are.
We are only human at the end of the day.
No one can tell us that, we didn’t try our best.

Everyday that seems to pass,
People ask me how you are?
And all I can say is that,
You fought the best you could.
Somehow I hope that you can rest easy now.
The cancer was strong but you died a happy man.

No one else can take away the legacy you left behind.
Even if they try, they could never copy you.
So then now rest assure, that your name will live on now.
Even though you are not with us, in the flesh …

We bows our heads and pray to God.
Asking him to forgive us for our sins.
But even still if he fulfil this one request.
Then it would be that, you don’t suffer no more pain.

In memory of Az who died on 10/06/14




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