The eternal rain

Recently on my Facebook I said that I needed to take some time out to cope with my personal life. Not everything has been as good as I want it to be but hey what can we do? I guess in my eyes I’m hoping for things to work out a lot better than it is. Of course it will take time but right now … I’m just don’t know where it’s going and I’m hoping round the corner I’ll have better luck. So what’s next for me … Hard to say really, since I’m taking each day as it comes. I do hope to go away for a chill out break somewhere but that all needs to be worked out. I do have another song(lyrics) going to be uploaded later today but I just need to finish off a few more things.


New project in the works

Well as you all know, I’ve been working hard in my job at the moment and when I do get a chance, I’m working on FineTuning347. But that’s not all, at the same time I been speaking with a friend and she has agreed to help out on a new project. To be honest it will be a very small thing and nothing will get shown until a later this year! As of now, all I can say is … It’s original, it’s will be story based and will hopefully work out! Anyway I need to get going for another meeting but hope you’re all okay and everything is fine!

Shots fired

When I did hear the report of the plane going down, the first thing that came to mind was, we’re going to be having another war. Something like this is crazy and regardless of who did it, it’s still unreal. I really don’t have much more than saying R.I.P. to those who were on the flight. But I do think another place does need to be mentioned, Gaza. Judaism demands freedom for Gaza and recently a missile was launched at the country. What surprised me was watching a video of people cheering when they saw it about to hit the place in the distance. Either way I have to get ready now to go work so enjoy your weekend, in the best way you can and in respect of those we lost, light a candle for those poor people.

Rebuilding Society (Alt. version of Fade away) (Lyrics)

Tell me where you’re going to?
Is it a place that I can go too?
People are playing follow the leader.
But I’m my own person and follow no one.

Can we escape this, hell we’re in?
Because everyone a yes man.
No wonder this city is going under.
Is there a place where we can make,
Our own rules and rebuild this place,
We’ll be heroes in each other’s eyes.

Is everyone wearing a mask?
Is it to protect themselves from showing their real face?
All these smiles that are fake,
Makes me feel so uneasy still.

Can we move away from this place,
And escape the fakers,
I’m not a puppet to society.
Is there a place where,
We can call home,
With freedom?
Rebuilding what we lost now.



Fade away (lyrics)

Tell me where you’re going to?
Is it a place that no one knows?
Hiding away your tears you cry?
Does it hurt what people think of you?

If that’s the case,
Don’t hide away,
Because in my eyes,
You’re someone special in my heart.
If that’s the case,
Don’t hide away,
Because to me,
You’re someone special in my life.

Tell me why you care so much?
I’m nobody that no one knows.
What does my life mean to you?
To myself I mean nothing much.

If that’s the case,
Then tell me,
Why you come to save me,
Now that I’m the verge of death.
If that’s the case, then tell me,
That’s it only now you heard my cries,
That I want to end it all.



Not by my side (Lyrics)

Every time I fall in love, it’s always the wrong one.
But even still I took a chance on you with no regrets.

You said to me that I was born to meet you
That I’m yours and no one else’s.
Sealed my fate with your kiss.
Now I can’t live with you.

I’m going crazy without you by my side
Tonight, tonight, yeah, yeah, yeah
Tell me how am I meant to sleep with you by my side
Tonight, tonight, yeah, yeah, yeah

There’s nothing I won’t do to keep you with me
Those were the words you told me but now you gone cold.

Tell me what I should do?
Making me feel like I’m all alone now.
Just like that you disappeared.
Got me thinking what I did wrong?

I’m going crazy without you by my side
Tonight, tonight, yeah, yeah, yeah
Tell me how am I meant to sleep with you by my side
Tonight, tonight, yeah, yeah, yeah

Waiting for your phone call but it never comes.
But you keep me waiting on this piece of string.

I’m going crazy without you by my side
Tonight, tonight, yeah, yeah, yeah
Tell me how am I meant to sleep with you by my side
Tonight, tonight, yeah, yeah, yeah

Wanting to take my heart back that you took away.
(But you won’t give it up)
Hoping to mend the damage you done to it now.
(But you won’t give it up)



1st week of work finished!

Well what more can I say? Work is done for this week and it’s been great! I honestly didn’t know what to make of it at the start but as time got on, it got a lot better! Some staff members have taken a liking to me and even some of the patients! I guess the great part of the week was knowing how many people I inspired. Of course I’m not going to give out their names but will say what happened. One of the ladies who was a patient was arrested and seemed a little off with me walking around with a tablet in my hand. She asked me if it was okay what it was I do around here and I told her, I do a survey with people who are getting discharged.

But then she said well can I say how unhappy she was with mental health, I said she sure be my guest, I’ll listen. During the whole conversation she felt a lot more at ease and said to me that I freaked her out at first but she is sorry she did that. As I said to her it really doesn’t bother me too much with the amount of things I done in my life! For those who didn’t know, I was doing care work and was K.O’ed by a old man who switched up into the Hulk! In a way I’m sad that she said you will never see me again but she did say my words have inspired her. I told her just because you are what you are, doesn’t change you as a human being. The world may not agree with everything we say but use your voice, speak out and you never know, the world may listen to you.

Another person I meet who was a patient was telling me about how he avoided paying the TV license for 14 years! For some who are not living in England, we have to pay a TV license which cost £145 per a year. All this money goes to a company called the BBC who make shows like Doctor Who, Eastenders and some other programs! He also told me about a robot that looked human and did the same dance as Lady Gaga. This freaked me out and I did say to him, sounds like we are getting closer to Skynet becoming real! I had a good long chat with him and it was really cool just hearing about his job!

One of the craziest stories he told me was when one of his friends had to go work in the BT tower and accidently killed a network because he pressed the wrong button. BT went to sue the guy for doing this but he won due to the fact, that no sticker was labelled to say what the two buttons did. See there are two green buttons with one on top of each other. One kills the network, the other to open the door. As I said without the correct label to say what button does what, how were you meant to know?

I got a few more stories to tell but I really am tired and I can feel my eyes getting heavy! I still got to work on more interviews for my other blog FineTuning347 and I got a few new songs I written recently! I’ll post them one at a time during the week. For now, look after yourselves and don’t push yourself too hard on whatever you’re doing! Health, family, friends. Those things there are irreplaceable! Good night!