Rebuilding Society (Alt. version of Fade away) (Lyrics)

Tell me where you’re going to?
Is it a place that I can go too?
People are playing follow the leader.
But I’m my own person and follow no one.

Can we escape this, hell we’re in?
Because everyone a yes man.
No wonder this city is going under.
Is there a place where we can make,
Our own rules and rebuild this place,
We’ll be heroes in each other’s eyes.

Is everyone wearing a mask?
Is it to protect themselves from showing their real face?
All these smiles that are fake,
Makes me feel so uneasy still.

Can we move away from this place,
And escape the fakers,
I’m not a puppet to society.
Is there a place where,
We can call home,
With freedom?
Rebuilding what we lost now.



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