Clear the air

I need to clear the air a bit and just get what I feel out of the way. Around last week or week before that, I had a nasty text message from a former friend. She basically said things that hurt me a lot, namely calling me a shit Dad and saying it was no wonder my child died because I would of bored her to death. Just very immature and hurtful things. Like I said it did hurt me a lot and I was devastated by it. Someone would really sink that low and bring up my daughter like that and think it’s okay? No you don’t deserve my time or effort. You stay at home, smoke weed, drink every night yet can’t be bothered to look after your child? I regret swearing but I had to say it… F**k you and get a f**king life. You think men will take you on flights and buy you expensive items because you can’t be bothered to find a job or do anything to support yourself or even your family? No. I don’t want nothing to do with you any more and good luck to you in the future because you need it. Now that’s out the way, I do have something else to talk about. I was recently asked what I would of said to my ex who was gonna be the mother of my child. They didn’t want me to say it but write instead. End result was this song called I’m sorry. For some reason I couldn’t stop and I write a song very close to it but called it Deztiny because it was about her. I’ll post them at a later date with the other song I wrote recently. Anyway that’s my rant done and hope you all enjoy the new lyrics I created!

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