Deztiny (Lyrics)

The nights that I used to countdown.
Till the days that I could of hold you at last.
Your name that me and your mum picked,
Was to show the beauty that would shine on in you.
There was nothing that we wanted more,
Than to hear your cry.
But when that day never came,
It made me and your mother drift apart.

So can anyone tell me,
Why they had to take my beautiful angel away?
I just wish that I could have been able to see her.

I pray to God that you could of,
Be here.
I don’t know who to blame or what to say,
Any more.
The tears that I cry,
Only wishing you was alive.

I took the blame of your life.
Feeling like it was my entire fault,
I slipped into a deep depression,
Not wanting to live again,
But instead just be by your side.

Looking back now,
I know I couldn’t save you.
But in any way I could of,
I would have done anything I could of.

The days I wish that you were here,
Stay in my heart.
I pray to God that you can,
Watch over me.
No matter where life takes me,
Remember that,
Daddy loves you …




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