Sorry (Lyrics)

At times I keep on asking what went wrong.
Was it a case of me not trying hard enough?
But even now I wish that I could see your face once more,
Maybe even be able to talk to you.
But no matter what the feeling is,
My heart is crying out to you now…
Was we just so in love that we hated each other,
For that night where we lost our baby.

Is it the fool in me?
That wishes you could come back home,
Is there a chance that we can mend the pain in each other hearts?

The tears that you must of cried that night,
All alone,
The times I wish that I could have held you again,
Has it gone?
And yet even now I’m crying out to the top of my lungs,
Baby girl,
I still love you…

Remember when you first told me that you was pregnant,
The tears of joy that we both cried that night.
It was the first time that I that ever felt,
That nothing could touch us,
Nothing could ever go wrong for us.
We laid there picking names for the baby right there,
Thinking which one would suit him or her best.
The days that we counted on down,
Was a feeling I will never forget.

Those precious memories will always stay in my heart,
Even if I didn’t say it I wish I could have done more.

No matter where life takes us now,
I wish you’re okay.
Smiling past all this pain that we face, together.
Maybe one day we can smile at each other,
But until that day,
I’m so sorry…

I wish that life isn’t so cruel like this,
Just let us be.
The pain that you had to go through,
Was too much.
All I can do is say this
Baby girl …
I’m so sorry…




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