Birth of DisCode (Poem)

The days where I could feel my soul leaving, is becoming stronger.
Death is watching over and the grin on his face is getting bigger.
I don’t fear the end no more, I welcome it.

Bring the pain.

But remember, I will not back down.
Instead I will look towards you with a devious smile
And keep wondering what your next move will be.

Bring the fate.

The feeling of your eyes stalking over me,
Like an CCTV camera annoys me.
Or is it more the case of a sniper from the rooftop?
Whichever way I look at it, I won’t be down staying down.

Bring the fear.

Maybe that disappoints you but I can’t deny,
It will be a losing battle.
The tunnel filled with darkness, will always shine a light.
No matter how small a flame it is.

Bring the dawn.

I made a name for myself and that name is Pepz the 3rd.
However I will also use my new name, DisCode.
Take me on and let’s go all out, on this final battle.

Bring the end.



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