From Beyond (Deirdre song) (Lyrics)

Every day, every night,
The voices get louder each time.
They tell me that I don’t belong.
That I don’t deserve this life anymore…
Let me rest at last.

Every day I wish that you,
Could hold me still and let me know,
Things will be okay at last,
Hoping that it won’t just end the way,
They want it to happen.

Yeah I wish to say goodbye now with no regrets,
But the people who love me will worry sick.
I can’t allow for you to break my spirit.
I’m praying…
Someone help me,
Let me out of hell…

This lifetime,
With no end to this madness,
Crying myself to sleep,
Wishing you could heal me now,
Or make them leave.
Why won’t you help me out?!



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