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Busy week!

Hey guys sorry I didn’t do a rant this Monday but I been extremely busy with everything! My personal life is going good which I’m happy about and hopefully next month will be when I start training for Samaritans. I’m also waiting on the phone call from the hospital to start work whenever that is! I don’t mind waiting but you know I like to do start real soon to get the money coming into my account! So what has been happening? Apart having interviews everyday this week so far with amazing talents, I been dealing with my Peer Support assignments which has now been sent off and waiting to be marked. Apart from that I’m arranging to spend more time with a few friends and just see how they are. I gotta say today I went out for a walk around the park and took some shots while the sun was setting… I love it! Sunrise or sunset either one, I just love them! I’m pretty tired now so going to be heading to bed real soon but yeah more interviews coming up on FineTuning347 and this week will be four interviews in total! Enjoy the rest of your week and hope you enjoy the interviews!


3 years on and still Ranting!

I gotta say it’s been amazing knowing that the blog is 3 years old today! I started it off without much thought and now it’s gone huge! I never knew what a blog was or heard of WordPress before until someone told me about it all them years ago. And now here I am, celebrating the 3rd year with a second blog call Fine Tuning347 doing interviews with a lot of artists! It’s been one of the best things I ever done and I gotta say I enjoyed it and to be honest, I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next! I got to say a massive thank you to everyone who has been following me and from past and present! Without you it wouldn’t be this big and I’m looking to get a design done for both blogs and hopefully can get it uploaded when finished! Thank you everyone again for all your support and following me through my journey of life!


I gotta say a big thank you to you guys out there because my views went pretty crazy since the Bijou interview! I have now made a separate blog for interviews now which will come under Fine Tuning347 and will now have interviews posted twice a week! Reason for the spilt is because I want to make Ranting347 still my own personal blog while Fine Tuning347 can remain as more for interviews! It’s been awesome and I can’t thank you guys enough so once again thank you for your support!