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I gotta say a big thank you to you guys out there because my views went pretty crazy since the Bijou interview! I have now made a separate blog for interviews now which will come under Fine Tuning347 and will now have interviews posted twice a week! Reason for the spilt is because I want to make Ranting347 still my own personal blog while Fine Tuning347 can remain as more for interviews! It’s been awesome and I can’t thank you guys enough so once again thank you for your support!


Small update on interviews

Hey world hope you enjoy the interview I had with Bijou I did! I do have a few more lined up which will be coming up in the next few weeks! I’m going to be having them uploaded on a Friday and just do one at a time. So who’s next will be my next guest? Well it’s not going to be an artist but a promoter! Either way I gotta say it’s been such an amazing week doing these interviews! It’s been a lot of fun doing them and it’s was such a honour having them take some time out to do it! Anyway enjoy the weekend people and see you next time!

Edit : I’ll now be holding Interviews on a different blog page which will now be found on here

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