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Loading… Please Wait… E3 2014 Preditcions and Wishlist


E3 is not too far away and already things are heating up with M$ launching a bundle without the Kinect for £349.99! But to be honest it’s still too overpriced for me! Those lucky enough to grab one might remember overclockers was selling the Titanfall bundle for £329.99 brand new a couple of weeks back. Still we could be in for sure surprises from M$ with rumours going about a Halo collection for the X1 featuring a HD version of Halo 1 to 4 but no Reach or ODST will be included. With that said I decided maybe now is the best time to make up a wishlist or what I would like to see at E3. Let’s get the consoles out the way first and move on to developers afterwards.

Microsoft: Sure Halo can end the show again with a new Halo 5 trailer, but how about bringing back something fresh? Maybe a new IP in the works? Or even still bring back some classics. I would love to see Rare bring back something that isn’t about the Kinect! How about bring back Blast Crops or even more, Jet Force Gemini. Okay let’s go even way more back, Battletoads! I’m hoping they show games such Forza Horizon 2 and more on Quantum Break. Hopefully this time round they will make it more about the games than making it into a multimedia centre which a lot of us are against. With Gears of War now in their hands, can we see a CGI video of what they will be doing with the franchise?

Sony: Last year Sony hit back at E3 and made everyone chant their name! Hell I gotta admit I was with them 100% of the way and it was basically an TKO on everything Microsoft said. This year, I’m hoping to see more indie support like they showed last year and more new games. Sure it’s great to have The Last of us Remastered coming to PS4 and other titles but we need something more. I’m expecting to see more sequels such as a new Unchanted, Gran Turismo and hopefully more on The Order: 1886. Handheld wise I’m hoping we finally do get to hear about Bioshock appearing on the Vita. More titles with the cross play feature is also something I like to see more of. The Vita is a powerful handheld but we could do with more title that really shows it power!

Nintendo: Mario Kart is nearly here so we know we don’t have to worry about that no more, but DLC with more tracks and characters would be nice. We also know Smash Bros 4 for Wii U and 3DS is going to be ones that will be shown but how about something else? Nintendo has been silent about the new Zelda title but maybe a new video could change all that? Also more titles that use the Wii U pad. Also more on the mysterious title called X so far. Handheld wise, maybe we can expect a new version of the 2DS but this time the 2DS XL where… Wait for it… You can close it! What about his new thing that looks like Skylanders and Disney’s Infinity with the figures? Could this work hand in hand with Smash Bros with the trophies system? Who knows.

??? A new challenger?: We seen the Amazon Fire device which we all thought was going to be a console but could we also see someone else step up to the plate? Google might come out and shock us all by bringing out such a thing like a more powerful version of the Ouya. Even still we never can tell but let’s see what happens.

Now for the developers/publishers

EA: I’m hoping they show more on the new Mirror’s Edge! This and the new Star Wars Battlefront would be awesome! What we can expect is another round of yearly sports titles and (I wish they didn’t) Battlefield 5. What I would like more of is fresh IP’s or bring the magic back to some of the stuff they have. A new Bad Company would, Dead Space (which will stay scary), Burnout (going back to it’s roots) and also a new Dante Inferno. We already know that this year we won’t be having a new Need For Speed which is quite a shock since it has been coming every year for the last … Ten years now? Let’s hope we see some good changes this time round. I’m hoping we see Mass Effect 4 even if it is in video form.

Square Enix: Let’s get the two big ones out the way, Final Fantasy 15 and Kingdom Hearts 3. Those are the main ones we know will most likely be shown at E3. But I would like to see a new Deus Ex and Tomb Raider. Again it’s fine having a Remastered edition of Tomb Raider 3rd reboot come on the next gen, but we need fresh titles as well! As much as fans cry for a FF7 remake I still very much doubt it will happen. Sleeping Dogs 2, Just Cause 3, New Hitman, new Legacy of Kain game. S-E have a huge library of games and I’m hoping they bring some of those classics back to the table.

Bandai Namco: We can expect new anime games such as Dragon Ball, One Piece and Naruto to appear but what about Tekken X Street Fighter? Has it been axed? Will it show this year? We also have the new Free to play Soul Calibur game on PS3 along side the Tekken game, but how about a real sequel to both of them? Ridge Racer going back to it’s roots as well instead of trying to be a Burnout clone. Pac Man might make an appearance with the new TV show out at the moment but I’m hoping we don’t have another Pac Man collection coming out. I’m hoping to see more on The Withcher 3 and the new Tales games.

UBIsoft: Far Cry 4, Assassin Creed 5 will be titles we know of but how about Beyond Good and Evil 2? Does this not deserve to get shown? We can expect to see more on The Division and hopefully more from the Tom Clancy’s range with another Splinter Cell, Rainbow 6 and Ghost Recon. Another Rayman would be good to see too. Expect to see another Just Dance.

Capcom: If the rumours point out to be true that Resident Evil 7 will be an XB1 exclusive, would you care? Nope would I! With Ultra Street Fighter 4 coming out very soon, I would still like to have the HD versions of Capcom vs SNK come to XBLA/PSN. As I said in a rant before, I would love to see a new Dino Crisis finally happen. Although I can see Dead Rising 4 been announced to come to both PS4 and XB1.

The rest: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, More information on The Evil Within, New Elder Scrolls, Fallout 4, More information on Batman Arkham Knight, More Lego games, Doom 4, new Dead Island, Sonic Boom and hopefully HD versions of Shenmue, More information on Alien Isolation to name but a few.

Well that’s all I can think of right now but what do you hope to see happen at E3? Do you think we will see a new price drop on anything?


Loading… Please wait … Next gen


Wait what? Loading… Please wait? But Pepz you not done one since last year, why now? Because I’m pissed off with the same old argument been used! So we are now coming close to the 2nd year of the next gen consoles at E3 but what has it showed you? Has it made you think that’s it definitely next gen? To me no it hasn’t! All it’s showed me is the same thing the 360 and PS3 can do but just make it more shiny! I gotta say it’s not been a good start for Microsoft with them having to do a complete 180 on everything they said. But even now it’s become a case where they again listened to the public and said yes we will do a XB1 without the Kinect. It’s not been a good time for them and I do feel bad for them having to go through all of this just to get fan support. True the PS4 is still outselling it but when XB1 finally gets to launch in the other countries, will sales change? Who knows. But that’s not my point right now, my point is this. Why is it still a case that generation STILL can’t get games to run 1080p at 60FPS? It’s become such a massive thing between fanboys that even when games go multi platform, they already saying PS4 will run at 1080p. But recently it was announced that Watch_Dogs won’t be running 1080p this time round on either PS4 or XB1. Instead it’s 900p PS4 and XB1 having it run at 792p but here’s the kicker that really does rub it in, the post from Alienware from their Facebook account.

Of course this is gonna lead into more heated discussion with a lot more people. Some PC gamers will always go on to say that it’s the superior race and consoles are for children. Unfortunately I don’t tend to agree with that statement because at the end of the day, I can’t afford to upgrading my PC every month with new graphics card and whatever else! For me the PC sure can run games on it but I use it more for using my blogs, writing my book now and then or to watch some shows. But in total I don’t really use it for gaming at all and I never really have looked at it for that. Truth be told I disappointed in the whole next gen consoles that have come out because, it’s back to the point of running things at 1080p without trouble. It’s going to be one of those topics that will carry on throughout the consoles life. You know as well as I do, that every time a new game studio says about the specs, people are going to go on about what the frame rate will be. It’s not going to die down and it will be a factor for some people. I gotta admit though, looking at them side by side you won’t notice the difference but to some people it’s the fact of the other one running at full power. Each console has their own strengths and weakness, same as the PC does. Whichever way we look at it, people are going to keep go with whatever one they feel happy with. So why haven’t I got any of these next gen consoles yet? Well to be honest, nothing interest me out of either of them and that includes the Wii U.

Sure Mario Kart 8 looks good but I’m not going to be throwing down money for a new console for one game. It don’t make no sense to me and I rather know I’ll have an handful of games I can pick and play. As I said before, I’m happy with my 360 and with the amount of games I got, I’m in no rush to buy anything new. Although that new Aliens game does look good but again I’m gonna wait a bit and see what it’s like. I already been burnt by that last one which was piss poor! Still I can’t deny there are some games that do look good and it’s make me even more happier knowing I don’t have to folk out money for a new console to play them! Maybe at E3 everyone will show their big guns and it could change my mind but to be honest it’s highly doubtful right now. Until next time!

Loading … Please Wait …. Return of the Rant

Hello world I’m bring back one of the greatest things I did years ago, Loading … Please Wait … It’s long overdue and trust me I got a lot of fury in me! So enjoy the new edition and enjoy!

I gotta be honest … I’m pissed off as a gamer with the new releases. Batman Arkham Origins comes out and so many times the game would freeze and lock my 360. Simply thing like flying or checking the maps. Then there is Battlefield 4 … Fuck me what a fucking disgrace the game is! FOUR TIMES the campaign had to be started again because the data would vanish from air!

The online mode isn’t any better either which is a shame to say. The game is just feels like it’s been rushed out to be on next gen. Comparing the current gen of the same game to the next gen, all it is just frigging brighter!!! Wow someone turned up the contrast on my game! I’m seriously wondering IF WB and EA actually heard what the game testers said and thought meh just ship it out.

Back in the day when we had games we didn’t need any of this shit like a patch to fix the game! Well apart from WWE No Mercy on N64. God I remember working that day and telling people yeah you gotta turn off the blood so it doesn’t brick it on you. Games were running 60FPS back then and sure we had borders on most of games back in the day! Anyone remember that from the old school gaming? Damn man we was crying to have the game run full screen without anything like that!

I know some are hyped up for the next generation but to be honest … It really doesn’t interest me at all and all the games showed so far … Again none of them are making me wanna slap down money for a new console. The price of the X1 pad costing £44.99, for £5 more I can buy a game. PS4 is no better either with the cost of the pad. A whooping £59.99 for a brand new pad is pretty high price. Opposite effect here, game is cheaper than the pad.

It’s pretty amazing how M$ did quite a full U turn and made the X1 or as I like to call it a full 180. When it was showed at that reveal show earlier this year, nothing impressed me about it at all. All through my head I was thinking I’m looking at just a media center right now. The talk of exclusive deal with NFL in america is again nothing special for any of us. We complained and M$ listened and the full 180 turn was done.

The 180 has already been reported that cloud updates could reset your system while you are playing a game. Rumour is the OS system isn’t as great as we thought it is and is causing problems already. The games resolution running at 720p instead of 1080p is another factor for some as well. But that doesn’t mean PS4 doesn’t have it’s problem either. Unless your connected to the internet and update the firmware on your PS4, you can’t play DVD’s or Blu-rays. Rumours are flying again of overheating problems on the PS4.

My biggest worry so far is the hard drive. 500GB is nothing. When you get your games and have to install them, you will soon find out the hard drive is going to get full very fast. X1 users are able to buy a USB 3.0 hard drive to plug in for more memory. PS4 on the other hand, you can get a upgrade-able hard drive that can sit in the console itself.

But for what we have right now on our current gen, games like GTA5, Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite to name but a few, it shows that what we have is powerful enough. But of course like the Super Nintendo did with Donkey Kong Country, all the best games that push the system to it’s max come out near the end of the consoles life. With that said … I’m going to hope and pray that the patch comes out for both my games.

Rant … Over! As always leave your comments below, spread the word like butter to your friends and I see you on the next edition of Loading … Please Wait …

Loading… Please wait… Achievements

Achievements. You either love them or hate them. Some of them can be so easy or hard to get, either 200G for arcade games or 1000G for most retail games, an exception being Condemned at 970G. Prime example of easy is Avatar The Last Airbender, in which you spend 5 minutes with this game and it’s done.

You don’t even need to play the full game or know what the storyline is. Seriously what the hell? I’m looking at this game and I’m thinking, did the company even think hard about this? Did someone spill a drink over the achievements list during the meeting? I would really like to know.

So of course some are not so bad but means you have to put in the work for it. Playing over hundred ranked matches or even stupid things like playing a game for so many hours is just wrong. Now some people just take gaming way too serious and with achievements playing it like it’s a sport. Me personally, I play a game for fun. If I like the game then sure I may try go 100% and complete it.

Let’s be honest with each other, we all have those moments once in our gaming lives where we get so angry, we do stupid things(like a primeval scream and break the microphone as I did on Gears of War 3 Insane. I’m sure DW will explain). The achievements should be looked at as if it’s a side mission. You don’t have to finish the game 100% with all of them. But for people who do, sometimes things get in the way.

For example what if it was an online game? This is where problems really start to take place. Of course the servers can’t be running forever but once they are closed, goodbye achievements. This is where my rage meter goes sky high and I’m sure for others as well.

As said before about second hand, if we want to play a game online and we brought it second hand games you have to pay for a pass. Let’s say I buy NBA 2K10 and I pay for the online pass, only to be told that it’s closing in a months time. How would you react?

Would you rage and try and get all the online achievements done as fast as you can till you’re sick of the game? Or do you just let it pass and say oh well I wasted X amount of MSP? My idea would be to either allow you to buy them or give them to you for no extra cost.

You paid for the pass right? Why not give them to you or as some of these companies are, why not make you pay for them for X MSP? But what do you guys think? Do you think it’s a good idea or is this one that should be left alone?

Loading … Please wait ,,, Games To Movies

We all know the score when it comes to video games movies and vice versa. They can either be okay at max or just complete and total utter crap. We all get excited hearing about the title X being made into a movie and then some of us going even deeper, as in search the internet or magazine, whatever type of media that says details about the film. So then we read it and our hopes are either dashed in the bin or raised the bar of delight.

Anyone here remember the Super Mario Bros film? Pretty bad wasn’t it. How about even worst … Double Dragon? Hey it had the guy who played the T-1000, how bad can it be? Really bad. Street Fighter, King Of Fighters, Dead or Alive, Tekken and God forbid … Resident Evil. The list goes on and even more films are in the work. Gears of War, Uncharted, Silent Hill 2, Resident Evil 4 to name just an handful!

Some of them got lucky. Project Zero (Fatal Frame) was meant to be made into one but was later cancelled. Halo … Well I really hope they don’t bring it out to be honest. But really are we looking at this in the wrong way? We’re expecting a play by play transform into a scene by scene. Now let’s be honest, is that really what we want? Yeah it’d be cool to say “Oh yeah this is the part where …” or “Oh man I remember this part when I played it!” Sure’d it be great but at the same time, we need to look at what alternative storylines can come out of it as well.

Remember these are NOT meant to be canon. Canon meaning it’s not following the official storyline, timeline, whatever. It’s based in its own universe and can rip it into shreds if they want to. We the hardcore fans complain about it and even go as far as not touching the film at all. Don’t get me wrong, some of us do have the one eye open to see how bad it is. Personally I’ll wait till it comes on normal tv channels than pay to watch it in the cinema or cable tv. Problem is, Hollywood are rubbing their hands together and looking at the sales. Paul W. S Anderson, Uwe Boll and others are names that have either made our dreams come true or ruin them so badly that we cry when we hear a new one is been made.

Bit off topic, Paul Anderson to me, destroys anything he touches. AVP (Alien Vs Predator) is a prime example of this. I had a hard time focusing on one of the fight scenes because of the camera angle. It was like the camera man was drunk and didn’t know how to hold the camera at all! Nevertheless I say Paul got lucky with Mortal Kombat. Yeah looking back at it now and you can see how bad the CGI was. But remember, he did something no one else did. He made video games films get taken seriously.

Uwe Boll. I got a lot of reason to dislike his films. If you haven’t seen House of the Dead the movie by him, don’t because you may want to do damage to yourself. If you did, glad you’re still with us. The movie itself was a joke. I had the unforgivable time to watch in horror the Director’s Cut version. How the hell are you gonna mix live action with video game footage?! Seriously it just doesn’t work!!! What were they thinking?! Was the Uwe Boll scoreboard that said : Oh yeah let’s make them run and then when it comes to a door, switch the Dream Cast on and load up House of the Dead 2, add the scene where loads of zombies come at you and then switch it back to live action?! NO MAN! JUST NO!

You’re right. They should just it make it scene by scene. As a fan of King Of Fighters I was on the bench about hearing it been made. Then I heard they was adding time travel to the game. (>0)!!! How hard is it to just bring a simple storyline already made and just port it into a film? Seems the answer to that is … Pretty damn hard. The main problem is, no matter how much we scream, shout, kick … Our voices are never heard. All the film makers can hear is money been made. Hell they are so blinded by it now that they have PYD as eyes. What does that stand for? Pounds, Yen, Dollars.

Why don’t we just let the game makers make the movie then? Can it really be that bad? Well … Those who brought Shenmue 2 may remember that they was given Shenmue The Movie. This was a string of cut scenes from the 1st game made for the cinema viewing in Japan. You either liked it or didn’t. Me? I never watched it myself since I wanted to finish the game. Still not played it myself due to the amount of Dream Cast consoles I’ve been through. Going by Wikipedia, there has been more like this, Metal Gear Solid, Red Dead Redemption and more.

Square Enix tried it more than once themselves by making Square Pictures. Final Fantasy : The Spirits Within was a box office flop. After that they appeared on the Animatrix DVD. They closed soon after. What went wrong? It does leave me confused why so many people disliked or even hated Spirits Within. Sure it wasn’t FF7 but back then you always had a new storyline for the new games. So why not the movie? Resident Evil Degeneration was okay at best again. One thing that did bug me about it was Leon having a underwater kiss for that long. Are you serious?! Hopefully the sequel Damnation will be good.

So people I leave you with this question, if you were the director, writer, producer … One of the three, and you had in your hands a triple A title to work on, would you sell your pride just to make money? Or would you let the fan boy in you scream and make the film the way you know it best as?

Thanks for reading!

Loading … Please Wait … Price of games

With games like Battlefield and Mortal Kombat to name but a few, do you feel it’s right to have to buy a online pass due to the game been second hand?

That and the fact of preorder bonus. We all know it’s going to be coming as DLC later, but is a game worth paying full price when in two weeks it will drop?

Good example of this is … God help us … EA Sports Fifa 2012 : Ultimate edition which comes at a RRP of £54.99. Since I don’t play football it don’t bother me. However for the price that you are paying, you will be getting a year supply of free dlc for the game. As nice as that sounds, the price is still too much.

Who’s to say other 3rd party companies won’t follow this? Again EA has done it with Need for Speed that if you buy the game second hand you need to buy a online pass. SVR (Smackdown vs Raw 2011) had the same thing as well, however they also said if you pay so much you can get all the dlc for free.

The problem is, game makers are seeing that we are buying games for a second hand price and are pissed off about it. I get it they don’t make a thing out of it and all profit goes to the shops.

With places like HMV they do have a fight on their hands now with Tesco or ASDA trying to under cut them. And let’s be real, some of us want the game in our hands before or on the release date.

However, very little games I buy within release date now. Good example of this is … Castlevania. Came out at £39.99, week later, in Zavvi’s Mega Monday sale for £24.99. It’s other games as well that get this treatment.

If digital download is the way forward as well, they also needs to cut down on price. Some of the games on sale seems a bit steep for me when you can buy a disk copy for less if you have a look around.

For me personally, I like having the case/box. Yeah it may take up space next to 100+ 360 games however, I like the look of some covers and know that I can borrow it to a friend if need be.

Well that’s my rant done now! Thanks for reading and leave a comment!

Loading … Please wait … is my view on things and is in no way to upset anyone.

Loading … Please Wait … Capcom

Hello world and welcome back to another Loading … Please Wait … As you can guess my personal life made me take a step back for a while but hopefully things will be okay again.

So todays rant is about Capcom. I’m sure as much as you all do you love Capcom as well however, I do have to state my anger at them for been money hungry with their fighting games.

A good example of this would be Street Fighter. As history has shown, Street Fighter 2 had been released so many times it was a joke. From the 1st Street Fighter 2 to Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix. 7 editions (if you count Hyper Street Fighter 2) in total and each one more or less adding a new feature.

Now see as history has taught us, Capcom will milk out the fighting genre as much as they can. The 1st Street Fighter 2 on the Super Nintendo would have set you back an outrageous price of £129.99 which in today’s standard is just…. Well crazy money. However the price was always blamed because it was made on a cartridge.

Nowadays cheaper methods have been found and we now have the same quality game on DVD or Blu-ray disc. But this is where things start to upset me the most, as much room as there is on the game disc, why is there so much DLC being locked away on that disc? Capcom didn’t admit to it but everyone knows about the Resident Evil 5 1st DLC which was called Versus, being nothing more than a key to unlock it. Resident Evil 5 already had enough heat about black people been the victims this time instead of bringing back the zombies.

Fans cried and begged for a new Mega Man Legends and Mega Man Legends 3 was looking like Capcom had finally started to listen to their fans. But the Stepdad of Mega Man, Kenji Inafune was leaving the company and despite this happening fans were told the game would still be in the works with a Prototype version coming soon. Behind closed doors though, maybe the project was axed as soon Kenji walked out. This is the same as the unique looking game known as Mega Man Universe which was planned for XBLA and PSN. Unique in the sense that it was the 1st game to have all of the Mega Man’s together tied with a bad box art Mega Man.

Now with Street Fighter X Tekken coming out in the next week, we hear news about day 1 downloadable content. Day one itself you can spend nearly £30 on top of the brand new game to have new features such as 4 new characters or even change the costume of your fighter.

Of course no one is telling you to buy all of it but again for the size of the disc that we now have, why do we have to pay for someone to unlock it for us? I’m starting to think Capcom really got hit badly by the recession and have to find ways of making money fast. This could be one of them and let’s be honest we all know the bigger edition will be announced later in the year with more blah blah blah plus all the DLC that you paid for already.

Sorry but I’ll wait for the Mega Street Fighter X Tekken edition or The Iron Fist edition that already being worked on in the background. Once bitten twice shy. While we are talking about the SFXT, anyone remembers Capcom vs SNK? SNK was too powerful to take on Capcom and had to be toned down which of course Tekken has to be as well. Fair enough but in a real fight though, would Marvel be broken by Capcom and there league of fighters? Could Ryu really break Cyclops? We will never know.

End of the day Capcom has a vault of classic series that really are crying to be back in the spotlight again. How about a new Dino Crisis running on the Unreal 3 engine? It’s been a long time coming and could remind people how great the series really was. Or even Onimusha? Maybe not the best Capcom ever did but still a series that seems to be of been in last generation. But this is one series that really does need to be brought back. Power Stone.

Power Stone was amazing on the DreamCast and one of those rare games where you could just have a laugh with your friends. Sure it came out on PSP but how about being on XBLA WITH online play? Just think of the items you could sell on to your friends from Power Stone 2?

If a new Darkstalkers was to be made I would want it in 2D still and not the 2.5D like Street Fighter 4 has turned into. Leave it old school and remind us all what the good old days of Capcom was like. So what do you guys think? Am I right in saying Capcom should bring back something from the vault? Or continue to keep making sequels to games like Street Fighter and Mega Man? Let me know down below!